Thursday, June 11, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Memorial weekend Friday night we went to our pastor's house and had some hot dogs and burgers. We played volleyball and badminton ball. That night my mom's parents came over for the weekend. While they were there we finished up the doll house.

Monday there was no school, and my grandparents left.

Tuesday no school because we went to the zoo.

Wednesday no school again because we went to Innis Woods in Westerville, Oh, and Kevin & Kaleb came to visit from Virginia. We had lots of FUN! We played video games, we watched the season premier of Wipeout, and just hung out.

Thursday no school, and more playing with Kevin & Kaleb! Yay!

Friday no school again; (If you noticed, I had no school the entire week. Awesome!) one more day with Kevin & Kaleb.

The next week we watched a neighbor boy across the street.

In baseball, so far the Mud Cats have won six games, lost only three and tied one. One game we played we creamed them like 17-1! I was pitcher one game and I finished one inning, but I couldn't finish the next one.

Last Monday we all left to go to the HNI meeting. While the adults were in the meeting Rachel & Abby were in the nursery, and Jordan & I with, some other kids, watched movies, went to the Cleveland Zoom, and to the beach. We had a nice time in Cleveland.

Sorry, no pics. You forget to take any when you are having fun.