Tuesday, February 24, 2009


If you were wondering about my last basketball game if I won or lost. It was like the championship. If I won my team would be the best team in the league. It was fun I had a good time. I did not make any baskets again. It was about a 10 point difference in the score.
I..................... well I am not going to tell you if I won or lost. I have a poll up and you vote. A lot of you already know who won you can still vote if you want. To get to the poll you may have to scroll down a little.

Later I will tell you if I won or lost.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Family Videos

I hope you like the video. It is Rachel, Jordan, my dad, and me playing to the song "I Belong to Jesus." With Zach on the drums, Jordan on the piano and singer, Rachel singing, and Kevin on the base. Notice Rachel's facial expression.

This video is when Rachel cracked a egg. My dad thought it was amazing that she could do that. So he took out the video camera and recorded her.

This is Jordan playing basketball. Listen to my mom scream.

Basketball Games

Jordan's first basketball game was good. She won and got a hold of the ball a couple of times, but she did not make a basket.

I won my first game! I did not make any baskets, but I had fun. I forget the score, all I know is that it was really close.

Jordan, surprisingly, lost her last game! I said that it does not look good on a "win or lose" record thing. She did not make any baskets again.

I will try to get some pics of us or even a video!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Ain't Feel'in Too Good

I have not been feeling to good lately. I have a bad canker sore on my tongue and my throat is a little sore. I have been taking a lot of Tylenol and not moving my mouth when I talk. Because it hurts my tongue if I move my mouth a certain way. I hope it goes away. Especially before my basketball game. Jordan has a game tonight, so I will keep you posted! Ha Ha! You get it? I will keep you posted and I am posting. Never mind.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bunny Problems

Our bunny (his name is Goofy, just to let you know I did not name him we got him after he was named) has been spraying pee at us and he has bit me here recently. Wednesday I went to get him out to let him outside and I tried to grab him in a way that he would not pee on me. It did not work. He sprayed pee on me and it landed on my face! some of it landed on my eye, luckily I closed it. Some went by my mouth. The first thing I did was grab a towel and wiped some of the pee off and took a shower.

I have been talking to my friends in Ark., Grant and Garrett. For some reason I thought of their mom, Melisa. If she read this I just imagine her going eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Dog Kylo

This is my dog Kylo. We may squash her and waller all over her and doesn't care at all, but we still love her. I put some balloons on her; then I took some pics of her. I put a couple of the pics on here for you to look at. I do love my dog, just in case you were think'in something else. She is a stinker literally, but a good dog.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Friends, Parties, More Friends, Family, More Family, More Family, and More Friends

Wednesday night I went to Youth Group. My dad and I brought home Sam (the kid who went to the Tobymac concert with me), and he slept over at my house. We watch a Tim Hawkins DVD and then we went to bed. Sam is with me right now, say hi Sam "Hi" Sam said that!

We went to our Homeschool group Valentines Party the next day at Skate Zone 71. It was also Abby's 3rd Birthday! We all was really fun. Jordan, Sam, and I did Laser Tag, but me and Sam's guns did not work the hole time. We got our money back, at least. Sam stayed and played at my house until later in the evening.

The next day my friend Solomon came over again. We did a lot of stuff and had lots of fun.That night my Grandparents came over for Abby's birthday. We made some noise with our sound equipment and hung out.
Saturday we went to Jordan's basketball game. She won and made a basket. I won my game also. We both had a good time. After our games we went to Fazoli's. Yuuuuuuuuuuummmm!When we all got home we got ready for two of my aunts to come over for Abby's birthday. Abby got presents and we had cake. Once they left all of the kids except me went to bed. My grandma and I played a game called Beat the Parents, and I beat her both times. It was fun.

Sunday after church we went to Skyline Chili. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuummmm again! We went back to my house for a little bit until my grandparents had to go home in Indiana. After they left we got ready for my dad's side of the family to come over for Abby's birthday. I played with my cousin and we had cake and icecream. Abby got a lot of presents, and I think Rachel likes the presents as much as Abby, or more! That night I slept with Abby because I had to lay with Abby until rachel was ready. Rachel asked mom if she could sleep with Jordan and my mom said yes. So I slept with Abby that night!

Monday when I woke up the neighbor boy was over, he is about Rachels age. I did school and played with a friend. I got to go to Awana, all of it. Because Today the schools are not open. I had a fun time. Right now I am about to go to bed.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Have Games

I put some games on my blog. I have Dodgeball, Hangman, and Pac Man.


I got a Phlat Ball

Last night I got one of those Plat Balls. It is pretty cool. I have not tried it out completely yet.

Recently I have been talking on a Web Cam with my friends Grant and Garrett (because if you did not know, they live in Little Rock Arkansas). It is actually kinda fun and I like talking to them. In this picture of them it is Grant and Gavin.
Thursday we are all going to Skate Zone 71 for our homeschool group. I will blog about that and get some pics.

That is it for know,

The Z Dog

Sunday, February 8, 2009

3 Games This Weekend

This weekend I had a basketball game , but Jordan had two. My game was a early morning game. My coach said it would be the toughest game yet. I had a good game and I won! The score was like 40 to 30. Saturday, Jordan, had 2 games, and she won both of them!

Here are two more of Tim Hawkins videos. These two videos kinda go together and the second one is only 54 seconds long. So, enjoy.



Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tim Hawkins

Here is another Tim Hawkins video. It is pretty funny. I hope you like it.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Funny Stuff

Today we had homeschool group. One of my classes is a photoshop class which my grandpa and my aunt is teaching and that is nice. We are learning about this program called Adobe. It is where you take a pic and you can change it any way you want. My aunt gave everybody in my class a pic to work on of her son. I wanted to show you what I did. I don't know what I am doing exactly yet so it looks funny, and that is why I want to put it on there.

Check out this Tim Hawkins video. I hope you think it is funny.


And that is about all I wanted to say, soooooooooooooooo until next time.


Monday, February 2, 2009

The Long Weekend of FUN!

It is Tobymac Yeah.

It is my new Tobymac hat.

This is me and Sam.

This is me and before this all of the bigger kids were playing vollyball. I am just about to go play dodgeball with everybody else and the two girls.

Up above are some pics of what I am going to be talking about. Sorry, the pics are backwards.

I went to my friends' house to play. My mom had to take Abby to the doctors office today, and we are all at home and my mom asks me if I want to go Nathan and Josh's house while her, Rachel, and Abby are at the doctors. As soon as she said that I said yes and I thought in my mind I said, "Yes, I get to play with two of my friends today!" I had lots of fun there and Jordan did too. Abby came out OK her lungs were fine. After that we just hung around the house for the rest of the day.
We all did some chores around the house then went to Sports Ohio and played with my friends. It was really fun!Then later I went to my cousin Brandon's birthday party. We played dodge ball like the hole time!
I was feeling a little sore from all that I did Friday. I stayed home with Rachel and Abby while Jordan, my mom, and dad went to Jordan's game. Jordan won! When they came back we all went to my game. I had a good game; it was fun. I also made a basket, and my team won! As soon as we got home I changed clothes and as soon as we could my dad, Jordan, and I went out the door to go to the Winter Jam 2009 concert at the Schottenstien Center. It took a long time to get to a parking lot and get in the building. It actually I think it took longer to get a parking space than to walk to the building. While we were walking we met my friend that I knew was coming, his name is Sam. So, he spent the rest of the concert with me and will come home with us and sleep over. The concert was awesome! Some of the people singing were Newsong, Brandon Heath, Barlowgirl, and my fav TOBYMAC! Tobymac sang the most songs of anybody. Everybody sang like 3, but Toby sang like 10. I got a hat and on the back it says Tobymac. Up above is the pic. Sam got the same hat that I did and he got a poster of TM jumping into the audience, and he did do that! He literally jumped into the audience! We all had fun. When we got home I showed Sam some videos of this guy his name is Tim Hawkins. He is a christian comedian he is really funny. I might put some videos on here in the future.
We all went to church (including Sam). After church we went to Skyline Chili. On are way home we dropped Sam off at his place. We hung out at the house until the Super Bowl came on. I thought the Cardinals were going to pull it off. It was really close! That night I was really tired, and my mom made me do school Monday too!
Three of our neighbors kids came over. I still had to do school even though how tired I was. That night I had basketball practice.

This is a video of the concert, but there is now sound.