Thursday, April 30, 2009

RV Crazy

On the 16Th of April we loaded up our stuff and left in the RV! The ride to Kentucky was exciting. When we got to our campsite in Cave City we got situated and hung out until Nana & Pappy (my grandparents on my mom's side). Once they got there we all started a fire and roasted hot dogs, burgers, and marshmallows and made smores. The only thing that was not good on the trip is that we got ticks! But on the bright side it was a new experience. The rest of the trip was great! Seeing Mammoth Cave and best of all spending time with the Hutsells. We NEED to see them real soon, already. Before we left Grant, Garrett, Jordan, and me (with a little bit of Rachel and Gavin) made a 8 minute movie called The Girl that Finds Christ with Comedy Skit. You can see it on Garrett's blog of.html. We had an awesome trip, and I hope you like all the pics.
Sorry that there are so many pics!


  1. Sorry that the video did not work just go to his blog and scroll down until you see a video with Jordan on the front.

  2. ticks rilly tick you off right.

  3. that is alot of pics!
    how did you get so many on there?
    it only lets me put five on.
    am missing you a lot,

  4. After you upload five pics on there, you do it again and again. If you do not understand it, let me know.